bryn cello ddu. petrified monolith?


bryn cello ddu. petrified monolith? an unusual feature of the chamber, is a large free-standing pillar, not tall enough to have supported the roof, cylindrical in shape, and with a rounded top. the markings on the surface strikingly similar to the bark of a tree and have recently led researchers to believe that this was a petrified tree trunk. this would have meant that it was transported specially to the site there are no deposits on the island or nearby mainland that would generate plant fossils of this type. the stone in fact has been identified as blueschist, a metamorphic rock, formed at high temperature and pressure deep under the earth’s surface. petrified wood in contrast, is formed when the original wood material is buried under sediment or volcanic ash and is slowly replaced by silicates. whatever the final outcome of this debate it has clearly been chosen by the tombs builders for its unique appearances for symbolic value. #bryncelliddu #chamberedtomb #passagegrave #themoundinthedarkgrove #stonecircle #rockart #petrifiedwood #symbolic #metamorphicrock #monolith #megalith #angleseyrocks #wales