holed stone. truthwall common. tregaseal stone row.

i’m much taken with the suggestion made by @carolynkennett on a recent walk she hosted that these holed stones were a sort of calendrical signpost, with each one progressively announcing the oncoming of winter. they act as sun shadow projectors and are set up to allow the sun’s rays to enter each hole at ever closer intervals to the approaching winter solstice. (observed in the field by carolyn). if we excuse the the stone not in the alignment (probably not in its original position) the first holed stone, sun shadow starts around september and although one stone is now recumbent each stone could have tracked the continuing cycle until the solstice arrives. holes in stones of this sort could well have this similar purpose. the ‘sun’ stone on zennor hill (see previous below) might be of a similar type, although arriving at it in a slightly different manner but possibly with the same end in mind. both use holes and shadow projections and vary with the changing seasons. according to carolyn each projection lasts two to three weeks. five stones equals 10 to fifteen weeks and if starting in september that would bring us up to the winter solstice. .