pentre ifan. pembrokeshire.


pentre ifan. pembrokeshire. skeletal remains of a neolithic tomb typical of the type of tomb where our ancestors buried their dead. it is suggested this is bare bones of a burial chamber that would originally have been covered with an earthen mound. the giant 5m, 16 tonne ‘capstone’ appears to be precariously balanced on three ‘uprights’, though it has remained in place for over 5,000 years. alternately it could that this is what was intended whereby the main capstone was meant to appear to float above the groundAnd never had burials here at all . more symbolic and to demonstrate the status and skill of its builders. its outline frames the preseli hills towering above, source of the famous pembrokeshire ‘bluestones’ that went into the making of stonehenge as well as pentre ifan itself.
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