constructive montage

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constructive montage: the juxtaposition of incommensurate things

this research investigates the potential for the technique of montage (benjamin) to become a viable means of re-functioning (brecht) existing city topologies. in the context of this evolving atlas it will orchestrate current work, both as the vehicle of investigation and the site of praxis.

the interdisciplinary nature of the works presented here, is set against an archeological landscape: objects understood to have a geographical and social (pre)history are deliberately juxtaposed against present-practice activity and concerns. a dialectic is struck between the constructive concerns of architecture and the critical stance of art, and their origins and ur-history. in so doing the technique of constructive montage seeks to illuminate the process and possibilities for intervention in a variety of present-oriented landscapes.

it explores the nature of constructive montage both as a mode of interpretation and of practice. it is seen here both as philosophy and as technique (technik).

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