balancing stone. carnstabba. natural dolmen.

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the natural logan stones on the brow of carn stabba hold many of the constituent parts that make up many of the features of the first neolithic monuments in west penwith; the balanced stone, itself moved out of its original position in the tor stack, mirrors the capstones of the cornish quoits both in shape and form, they are balanced, like the logan stone, seemingly precariously, on their supporting menhirs; the rock basins worn into the top surfaces of the logan stone echoed in the cup marks to be found on the tops of capstones.

the quoits were perhaps marking a territorial claim to the land, by the new cattle and serial farmers, their builders might have been taking a leaf out of the practices of earlier occupants who saw in these logan stones, a natural and perhaps supernatural power. a power that the quoit builders were attempting to capture and transfer to themselves and their new stone monuments. the ur-history of the quoits was a history that belonged tothese natural stone tors.