bodmin-moor, a neolithic constellation; leskernick-stone-circle. leskernick hill loganstone. roughtor.

bodmin moor. a neolithic constellation: leskernick stone  circle. leskernik hill logan stone. rough tor. all within a mile of each other and intervisible.  an exploratory drawing ; pencil and watercolour. 

#bodminmoor, #neolithicconstellation, #neolithic, #leskernickstonecircle, #leskernikhill, #loganstone, #roughtor,  #intervisible, , #watercolour, #montagecity,

a sketch montage of three elements; a flattened stone circle (lesternick) with most of its individual stones laid down to rest, as are so many head stones now found in many modern cemeteries; a loganstone (lesternick hill), a large balancing stone resting on a much smaller stone which allows it to move or rock with ease when touched. a impressive interactive feature to be marvelled at – and perhaps deemed to hold ‘majical’ properties in ancient times; and the tors at roughtor with there many neolithic and bronze age features, a loganstone, it’s rock basins and tor cairns.